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Trials & Selection

If you are an athlete based based at the Leeds Triathlon Centre and receive British Triathlon Funding you are automatically selected to the Performance or Development squads and should discuss with your lead coach whether you need to take part in any of the trials and selection process.

All other athletes who wish to be considered for the Development, BUCS and Fast Track Programmes must complete the selection process set out below. This includes existing University scholars, TASS athlete or those receiving Home Nations Funding.

If you just want to compete in BUCS multisport events but don't want to join one of our programmes then you are not required to complete the selection process below but you still need to complete the online application form and pay the triathlon club membership (or the membership for a related club if you will be training with them instead e.g. Swimming club, Cycing club or Running club or your relevant university)

Our Selection Process involves 8 steps: 
  1. Online Application Form - All athletes need to complete the short online application form.  You can complete the form as soon as you know things like your Student Number and term time address.  So returning athletes can complete it over the summer holidays.  For new athletes then Fresher's week is a good time. We use this information to know who will be attending trials, as the basis for our membership database and for BUCS race entries. If you wish to be considered for selection to the Development Squad then remember to tick the relevant box on the form. The deadline for completing the online form is Sunday 27th September 2015.
  2. York Sport Cycling Trials - 30th September 2015: This will include a number of activities such as M-check, 5km TT, a short circuit race, transition time trials, wheel stop time trials and puncture repair test
  3. Varsity Hill Climb - 4th October 2015 or submit a STRAVA time: 1 mile timed cycling hill climb
  4. Varsity Biathlon - 7th October 2015: 400m pool swim in the morning and 3000m track run at lunchtime
  5. Athlete interview - 8th/9th October 2015: We will meet with all new athletes and selected returning athletes for a 30min informal interview to help us get to know you.
  6. Selection Decisions - Friday 9th October 2015. Once all interviews are complete the coaching team will meet to make selection decisions. Everyone will be notified via email and squads will be announced on our Facebook group.
  7. Induction day - 10th October 2015. All selected Development, BUCS & Fast Track Squad athletes are required to attend our induction day to confirm acceptance of their place.
  8. Probation - For new athletes there is a probation period until the end of Winter phase 1 (after Christmas break).  This gives you a chance to settle in to the environment and for the coaches to get to know you.
If you are unavailable to attend any part of the trials process then it is your responsibility to let us know asap. We will select the squads based on the best information we have available so it is in your best interests to attend.
To work out your points score from swim, bike and run time trials use the following points calculator: Points Calculator

Additional Trials

If you weren't able to attend our initial trials or if you weren't selected onto a squad then we hold two additional Trials weeks later in the year:

Mon 8th - Fri 12th February:
  • Swim: Mon 14:00@Edge, Mon 17:45@Edge, Tues 06:30@Edge, Thur 06:30@Edge
  • Bike Hill Climb: Sun 09:00@Norwood or submit a STRAVA time
  • Bike York Session: Wed 13:30@York
  • Run: Tues 18:00@Beckett
Monday 18th - Friday 23rd April:
  • Swim: Mon 14:00@Edge, Mon 17:45@Edge, Tues 06:30@Edge, Thur 06:30@Edge
  • Bike Hill Climb: Sun 09:00@Norwood or submit a STRAVA time
  • Bike York Session: Wed 13:30@York
  • Run: Tues 18:00@Beckett

All existing Development, BUCS and Fast Track athletes are required to take part in all additional trials to monitor performance and practice delivering when it matters.