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Visiting athletes & coaches

If you are an athlete or coach visiting the centre then we recommend booking a hotel or B&B along the Otley Road heading North out of the City Centre that fits your budget.

BTF Funded athletes

BTF Funded athletes that chose Leeds as their Daily Training Environment generally look for a flat/house to rent or share with other athletes. North of the City Centre makes most sense with areas such as West Park, Cookridge and Adel being popular choices.

Students athletes

There is no designated athlete accommodation at either University.  We believe this is for the best as it important in your first year to make friends both within and outside of the triathlon programmes.
We recommend going into self-catered Halls of Residence, so you can cook your own nutritious meals at times that suit around your training.
You also need to be in a location where you can easily get to the main training sites (see map tab) - most notably The Edge sports Centre and Leeds Beckett Headingley Campus.

Leeds University Halls of Residence:
  • http://accommodation.leeds.ac.uk/selfcatered
  • The most common Halls that our athletes choose to live in is Oxley. Other Halls that are suitable are Lupton, Devonshire Hall or James Baillie, as they are in between the Uni and Met Campuses. 
  • Ali Rogers (Leeds Uni Team Captain - Development): "Oxley was really convenient in first year for Triathlon training as it's really close to Leeds Met Campus for running and swim sessions, it's also close to all of the meeting points for bike rides and chain gangs. It's a bit further for training at Leeds Uni but there was a small group of triathletes in Oxley who would cycle in together and it only took about 15 minutes."
  • Sarah Hodgson (Leeds Uni - Development): "I lived in Leodis in my first year which was convenient for swim and S&C sessions at The Edge, but not as good for sessions at Leeds Met and bike rides. I think Central Village would be a good place to live because it's right next to The Edge so you don't have to cycle in for the early morning swim sessions, and it's easy to pop back between training and lectures, although it is more expensive."

Leeds Beckett University Halls of Residence:
  • https://www.leedsmet.ac.uk/accommodation/
  • The only really suitable Halls for Triathlon is Carnegie Village as it is right on Headingley Campus, and the others are not near any of the main training sites.
  • Steven Sims (Leeds Beckett Team Captain - Development): "Carnegie Village is good for any first year triathletes as it is right on Headingley Campus where a lot of our training is, although it is further for Leeds Uni but it's only for one year. It is quite expensive though so I wouldn't recommend it if you are on a tight budget."

In Second and Third years our athletes often choose to live together, generally in the Headingley area.