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I'm interested in training at Leeds Triathlon Centre, what should I do?

  • First read all the information on this website. It should provide you with all the background information you need.
  • If you are an athlete and want to enquire about training with us then complete complete our Athlete Enquiry form.
  • If you are an existing member or have another type of enquiry then check out the Communication page.
  • If you are a talented triathlete between the ages of 12-17 then it's worth finding out more about the Triathlon England Academy in your region to see what support they can offer you. You can find details of the Yorkshire & Humberside Triathlon Academy on their website:

Who can train at Leeds Triathlon Centre?

  • To train at Leeds Triathlon Centre you need to be a student studying at either the University of Leeds or Leeds Beckett University or part of a British Triathlon Funded programme.
  • There are a few other guests who train with us at the request of our senior athletes to assist with their training however these are usually senior professional triathletes racing at ITU World Series Level. 
  • It would be great to be able to offer the opportunity for other athletes to come and train with us but capacity and maintaining the quality/focus of what we are doing mean this isn't possible.

How many athletes train at the Leeds Triathlon Centre?

  • We can accommodate upto 85 athletes across our Performance, Development, BUCS and Fast Track Squads
  • The limit on places is partly based on the capacity of our swimming programme. This means we may be able to accommodate additional Duathletes.
  • For more full details see the Squads page

Is there a selection process or can anyone join?

  • For all Squads you must complete our selection process. See the Join page for details.
  • Athletes receiving British Triathlon Podium and Podium Potential Funding are automatically selected to the Performance or Development squad.

Is there a waiting list?

  • Anyone who isn't selected onto the Performance, Development, BUCS or Fast Track Squads will be added to our waiting list and kept informed of future trials.
  • If you pay a membership fee for your relevant University then you can still compete in BUCS events.

If I miss the initial trials can I still join?

  • Late starters will undertake a swim/bike/run time trial at the next squad review.

Are there squad reviews throughout the year?

  • Yes. Keep an eye on our calendar for exact dates/times of re-trials or see the Events & Race page
  • Consideration will be given to injured/ill athlete as long as a recovery plan is in place and they are sticking to it.

What are the conditions of being a squad member?

Good Conduct:
  • Punctual
  • Properly equipped
  • Positive relationships with other athletes, coaches and facility staff
Good standing:
  • All financial and administrative obligations up to date
Agreed race programme
  • Including compulsory BUCS events (Duathlon, Biathlon, Sprint Triathlon, Standard Triathlon)
Agreed training programme:
  • Based on your lecture timetable and training background.
  • Attend at least 90% of agreed training sessions.
  • Attend all Squad trials to monitor progress.
  • Attend all Squad events
Contribute - As a squad training environment it is important that everyone contributes in order for it to work:
  • If you are 21 and have a driving license then sign up to be a driver with Leeds Beckett AU or Leeds Uni SU
  • Undertake at least one volunteer role to support the Leeds Triathlon Centre committee each academic year. 
  • Undertake at least one committee role at some point during your time at University
  • Attend the Leeds Triathlon Centre AGM each year
  • Respond promptly to any requests from coaches or committee members.
  • Let us know how you get on in any races you do
  • Support the development of other athletes as a stronger training group benefits everyone

How much training do athletes do?

  • Athletes agree their training programme with the Lead Coach of their squad.
  • The information below is intended as a guide only:
    • Fitness: 2 swims, 2 bikes, 2 runs and 1 S&C
    • BUCS: 3 swims, 3 bikes, 3 runs and 2 S&C
    • Development: 4-6 swims, 4-6 bikes, 4-6 runs and 2-3 S&C
    • Performance: 5+ swim, 5+ bikes, 5+ runs and 3 S&C
  • Whilst most swim sessions will be coached sessions athletes must be motivated and organised enough to do a portion of their swim, bike, run and S&C training on their own.
  • If athletes have obvious strengths and weaknesses then the balance of sessions can be shifted to address this.  For example a BUCS squad athlete from a swimming background may only swim twice each week and add in an additional bike or run session to work as appropriate to help balance their performance across the 3 disciplines.  

What races do I need to do?

  • Athletes agree their racing programme with the Lead Coach of their squad
  • BUCS duathlon, biathlon, sprint triathlon and standard triathlon are compulsory for all student athletes. See the Events & Races page or our Calendar for dates.
  • The only exception is for student athletes in the Performance or Development squads who have international Senior/U23/Junior championship or qualification events that clash with the BUCS races or will significantly effect their performance.
  • There are no exceptions for athletes in the BUCS squad. Please don't accept a place onto the BUCS Squad if you know you are not able to compete in the compulsory BUCS events.
  • We encourage all athletes to take part in other events such as BUCS Cycling, Running or Swimming events.  Some of these (e.g. BUCS Cross Country, BUCS Cycling Hill Climb) require qualification through performance at a Varsity event or other trial.

What costs are involved in joining Leeds Triathlon Centre?

  • Financial arrangements for BTF Funded athletes and guests are agreed with the Head Coach.
  • All student athletes need to join the triathlon club and buy a sports pass (gym membership) for their relevant university. See the Fees page for full details.
  • It's also important for each athlete to budget for the cost of race entries, equipment and any additional training activities such as camps or weekends. See the Lifestyle page for more details on planning your finances.

Are there any scholarships available?

  •  Both Leeds Beckett and the University of Leeds runs sports scholarships programmes.  Read the information on the Scholarships page for more details.
  • There are Funded programmes run through Triathlon England and British Triathlon however the point of entry for these is usually your local Regional Academy.

When and Where does training take place?

  • See the Session Timetable and Squad page for full details of our training sessions and squad structures.
  • See the Map for the location of many of our training venues.
  • Whilst much of our training takes place out on the open road, in parks or on trails the key managed facilities we use include:
    • 25m Pool and gym at The Edge, Leeds Uni
    • 50m Pool and gym at John Charles Centre
    • 25 LMU (Leeds Metric Units) Pool, 400m running track, indoor sports halls and gym at the Sports Centre on Leeds Beckett Headingley Campus 
    • 25m Pool at Holt Park Active

Do I need a car to get to training?

  • No! Leeds is a relatively small city and all the training venues are relatively close to the centre.  Public transport is an option but having a bike that you can use to commute on is ideal.
  • Getting to swim sessions in the mornings means you need some good lights and 1-2 good bike locks are essential.
  • For a few weeks in the winter the weather can be quite challenging but it is very rare that you can't ride and if you can't ride it would be even more of a challenge in a car!

Is any clothing or equipment provided?

  • Generally athletes need to provide their own clothing and equipment for training and racing.
  • You need a road bike with you in Leeds in order to be selected to the BUCS or Development Squads.
  • We encourage members to ride off-road once a week during the winter.  We have some cyclo-cross bikes we can lend to squad members but it's a good idea to buy a set of mountain bike shoes with SPD cleats so you can make best use of them.
  • Squad members can buy Leeds Beckett and University of Leeds Triathlon Club Kit. Details can be found on the Team Kit page.
  • At our swim venues we have kickboards and pull buoys available for use.  We suggest that all members buy fins, hand paddles, ankle band/s and a tempo-trainer.
  • We have turbo trainers and rollers available for use at Coached training sessions. It's a good idea to have your own set to use at home on winter evenings.
  • Road running shoes are essential however it's a good idea to have trail shoes and cross country spikes for off-road running.