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Application Process

Full time BTF Funded athletes should make contact with the Performance Squad lead coach to discuss the option of making Leeds Triathlon Centre your Daily Training Environment.
Student applicants should apply for University through the normal channels. Once you have accepted a place at either Leeds Beckett or Leeds University the follow the steps below to join:


1. Fresher's Fair

  • Once you've arrived in Leeds, come along to the Sports Freshers Fair of your relevant University to talk to our staff/athletes:
    • Leeds Beckett (Headingley Campus): Tuesday 22nd September 2015
    • University of Leeds (Edge Sports Centre): Tuesday 22nd & Wednesday 23rd September 2015
  • We can explain all about pre-season, trials and selection, fees and any other questions you have.
  • We can even help you fill out the Online Application Form.
2. Pre-Season Training
  • A Pre-season coached swim session programme will begin from Monday 28/09/2015 till Sunday 10/10/2015. This Pre-season programme will consist of the following sessions:
    • Tuesday Morning swim @ Leeds Beckett
    • Thursday morning swim @ Leeds Beckett
  • These sessions will only be open to all returning Development Squad athletes, Yorkshire Regional Academy athletes and National Junior Talent Squad athletes who are beginning a degree in Leeds.

2. Trials & Selection

3. Fees
  • If you've been offered a place on our squads and you've accepted it then the next step is to pay the relevant membership and facility fees
  •  The deadline for payment of all fees is Sunday 11th October.  You will not be able to train until they have been paid.
4. Coached Session Allocation
  • Our full coached session programme begins on Monday 12th October so as soon as selections have taken place on Friday 9th October we will begin to assign athletes to coached sessions.
  • Normally we would look to plan in the following coached sessions each week:
    • Development: 5 swims, 2 bike, 2 run, 2-3 S&C
    • BUCS: 4 swims, 2 bike, 2 run, 1 S&C
    • Fast Track: 3 swims, 2 bike, 2 run, 1 S&C
  • We have a Session Allocation Process that means you will initially be assigned to coached sessions based on the squad your are in. 
  • During the next 2 weeks (T1 weeks 3 & 4) as you become familiar with your academic timetable and other commitments you will be able to request session changes (e.g. due to timetable clash) by contacting your lead coach.
  • We cannot guarantee we can meet all requests.
  • The current session allocation sheet is always available via our Facebook group.
  • From 26/10/2015 (the start of Mesocycle GP1) the session allocation process will end and you will be expected to attend all agreed sessions from that point onwards.
5. Facility access
  • It’s important that all athletes understand and respect the facility access arrangements we have in place
  • To access coached sessions you will need an access card for both Leeds Beckett Sports Centre and The Edge
  • Athletes on BTF Funding will receive a card for both facilities
  • Leeds Beckett and Leeds Uni Sports Scholars will receive free access cards for their 'home' facility as part of their scholarship package.
  • All other squad members must buy a sports pass (gym membership) for their 'home' university
  • There are reciprocal agreements in place for squad members to access the training facilities of the other university for squad sessions. So this means that for training sessions at the Edge, Leeds Beckett students will be issued with an Edge Access Card that will allow entry only for designated training times. For training sessions at Leeds Beckett Sports Centre, University of Leeds students will be issued with an Leeds Beckett Sports Centre Access Card by your squad that will allow entry only for designated training times. Unless otherwise stated these will only allow access during designated squad training times.
  • .Cards MUST be shown each time you wish to enter a facility. If you don’t have your card you will not be able to enter.
  • JCC is a council facility. Speak to reception staff and they will let you through at designated training times
6. Communication
  • To stay on top of everything that is going on at the centre then join, like, or subscribe to the following :
    • Facebook Group - All communication is done via our Facebook group so request to join and we will add you. Check it daily and respond promptly to any requests
    • Facebook Page - This is how we tell the world about what you lot are up to. 'Like' the page and get your friends and family to do the same. Let your lead coach know how you get on in any races your take part in or any other news worthy stuff you get up to.
    • Twitter - I don't get it myself but some people like to use this Twitter thing to keep up to date.
    • Strava - We have a STRAVA group to keep upto date with the riding people are doing
  • If you have questions then please check the Facebook group and website first to see if the information is listed. If not then contact your lead coach.
  • The induction day is another opportunities for us to let you know what's going on and for you to ask questions.
  • You'll receive an athlete guide containing key information about the season.
7. Driving License Check
  • If you have a driving license then take it into the Leeds Met AU Office or Leeds Uni Student Union to register as a driver. This will insure you to drive hire vehicles for races and training.
  • Without sufficient registered drivers we won't be able to get to BUCS events without hiring a coach and driver and this will significantly increase the match fee we need to charge.
8. Read our Athlete's Guide

  • We know there is a lot to get to grips with when you start University so we've written down some of the key information you need to know in our Athlete's Guide.
  • We'll give out copies at the Induction Day.
9. Resigning your place
  • It doesn't often happen, but if for any reason you wish to leave our programmes then there are a few simple steps to complete:
    1. Drop the lead coach for your squad an email to explain the situation.
    2. You will be required to return any facility access card to a member of the coaching team and you will be removed from all access lists.
    3. If you have received any free training kit, racing kit or equipment then this must be returned to a member of the coaching team.
    4. Your details will remain in our membership database till the end of the year but will be marked to say you have left.
    5. It is your decision whether to remain in our Facebook group till the end of the season, after that time you will be removed.