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Points Calculator

You can use the spreadsheet below to work out the points you would score for your 400m swim and 3000m run:
  • Swim times should be short course (25m) and from a dive start.
  • Run times are from a 400m tartan track.
  • Cycling Hill Climb is up Norwood Edge
  • Cycling 10m TT is along A66
  • There is a separate sheet for male and female athletes so be sure to use the correct one.
  • The colored shading gives you an indication of the standards required to be selected for Fitness, BUCS Reserves, BUCS & Development.
  • The exact standard will vary year on year depending upon who trials
  • Dark Red = BUCS Reserves; Red = BUCS Yr 1; Orange = BUCS Yr 2; Dark Green = DEV Yr 1; Green = DEV Yr 2
  • Selection for BUCS and Development Squads is not simply based on time trial performance other factors such as training and racing background are considered.  See the Squad page and FAQ for more information.